Sentence example with the word 'ellipsoid'


ball, blob, bubble, bulblet, globelet, glomerulus, knob, orb, pellet, sphere

Definition adj. having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid

Last update: October 31, 2015


In this he showed that a homogeneous fluid mass revolving uniformly round an axis under the action of gravity ought to assume the form of an ellipsoid of revolution.   [Please select]


The general form of the egg is still that of a truncated ellipsoid.   [Please select]


Elliptical: oblong-oval, the ends equally rounded, together forming an even ellipsoid.   [Please select]


Its form is that of an ellipsoid, with a major axis 26 millimetres in length, while the minor axis measures 11 millimetres.   [Please select]


But in June it has lost this withered appearance; it represents a perfect balloon, an ellipsoid of which the sections perpendicular to the major axis are circles.   [Please select]

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