Sentence example with the word 'knawel'


Definition n. widely distributed low-growing Eurasian herb having narrow leaves and inconspicuous green flowers

Last update: July 8, 2015


Found chickweed and knawel in bloom, and an old garden was full of fresh-looking pansies.   [Please select]


I saw no shepherd's purse after December 27th, but knawel was in flower as late as January 18th.   [Please select]


The names of these hardy adventurers must by no means go unrecorded: shepherd's purse, wild pepper-grass, pansy, common chickweed (_Stellaria media_), mouse-ear chickweed (_Cerastium viscosum_), knawel, common mallow, witch-hazel, cinque-foil (_Potentilla Norvegica_,--not _argentea_, as I should certainly have expected), many-flowered aster, cone-flower, yarrow, two kinds of groundsel, fall dandelion, and jointweed.   [Please select]

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