Sentence example with the word 'plywood'


beam, cord, film, laminated glass, lumber, peel, plyboard, sheathing, slab, stovewood, veneer

Definition n. a laminate made of thin layers of wood

Last update: July 25, 2015


That plywood table is so nice.   [Please select]


It wasn't a cheap plywood door with a simple push lock but a thick, wooden door as ancient as the hotel with deadbolts, as if Andre regularly locked prisoners in his guest room.   [Please select]


They had two men, each working ten hours a day, sawing plywood lumber into oddly shaped pieces to fit snugly against the fragile parts to protect against breakage.   [Please select]


Then, working in my spare time one afternoon, I built a jig, made of plywood and fitted onto a sawtable, that enabled me to saw out the pieces accurately and fast.   [Please select]


When I took over the job of sawing the plywood pieces, I was doing the work that four men had been doing, and still had time to loaf and see who else needed help.   [Please select]

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