Sentence example with the word 'adumbrate'


allude to, betoken, cloud, embody, foreshow, have an intimation, incarnate, mirror, personate, prognosticate, shadow, typify

Definition v. describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of

Last update: June 29, 2015


James will adumbrate his character ideas so the animator will know how to bring his cartoon to life.   [verb]


When my mother lit the candle in the darkness, it was nice to see the light adumbrate our shadows on the wall.   [verb]


Two short passages adumbrate the coming Tennyson, the rest is mystic nonsense.   [Please select]


The finance minister adumbrated some changes in the fiseal policy of the country.   [verb]


Much misery could have been avoided had the cyclone in Orissa been adumbrated.   [verb]


More obscurely adumbrated is the day of vengeance, when virtue should return to the repentant backslider, and the idolatrous crew should be smitten with a swift destruction in the midst of their insolent revelry.   [Please select]

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