Sentence example with the word 'concatenate'


accouple, associate, bridge over, combine, connect up, embrace, join, maintain continuity, pair, span, tape, yoke

Definition v. combine two strings to form a single one

Last update: July 29, 2016


It is difficult to understand how these events could concatenate as they did without outside assistance.   [verb]


It is suggested that users of databases which cannot accommodate multiple keywords should simply concatenate the two terms.   [Please select]


The sound recorder allows you to concatenate sound files.   [Please select]


In a concatenated world a partial conflux often is experienced.   [Please select]


As a result, pages are not concatenated; a few pages will end without punctuation, and the following page will start in lower case.   [Please select]


This was good enough for Anselm and for Descartes, who went on to build a whole closely concatenated philosophical system on this foundation.   [Please select]

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conatus - concatenate - concatenated