Sentence example with the word 'alimentation'


aliment, bread, food chain, livelihood, nourishment, nutriment, nutriture, pap, refreshment, support

Definition n. a source of materials to nourish the body

Last update: September 22, 2015


But Buffon further imagined that innumerable "molecules organiques " are dispersed throughout the world, and that alimentation consists in the appropriation by the parts of an.   [Please select]


Many larvæ adhere to the alimentation present in the egg, as do many adult insects also.   [Please select]


It is no more an instinct than recurring sleep, lymphatic action, hunger, thirst, alimentation.   [Please select]


This refusal to touch honey, whether poisonous or repugnant, is connected with principles of alimentation too general to be a gastronomic peculiarity of the Philanthus grub.   [Please select]


In this way the original method of alimentation is continued--the method which builds flesh out of flesh and makes blood out of blood with no chemical processes but those of simple reconstruction.   [Please select]

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