Sentence example with the word 'arboretum'


afforestation, bush, flower bed, gallery forest, herbarium, market garden, pine barrens, roof garden, sprout forest, tree veld, wildwood

Definition n. a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition

Last update: October 26, 2015


Back on earth, explore the 35 acre Arboretum with over 2000 species of trees and shrubs.   [noun]


There are extensive gardens and an arboretum of North American trees and shrubs.   [noun]


Arboretum is attached with every science college so that the students of .   [noun]


Having served his apprenticeship as gardener from the age of fifteen, and himself constructed a large lake when gardener to Battlesden in 1821, he was in 1823 employed in the arboretum at Chiswick, the seat of the duke of Devonshire, and eventually became superintendent of the duke's gardens and grounds at Chatsworth, and manager of his Derbyshire estates.   [Please select]


[773] Loudon's 'Arboretum et Fruticetum:' for Elm, _see_ vol.   [Please select]


Loudon 'Arboretum et Fruticetum:' for Elm see volume 3 page 1376; for Oak page 1846.   [Please select]


But the Swedish robin's taste for its berries is to be noted by you, because, first, the dogwood berry is commonly said to be so bitter that it is not eaten by birds (Loudon, "Arboretum," ii.)   [Please select]

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