Sentence example with the word 'backfire'


backlash, blowup, campfire, counterattack, crematory, fizzle, fulminate, lambent flame, rebound, retort, three-alarm fire

Definition n. the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired

Last update: September 7, 2015


The whole plot backfired on them.   [Please select]


Nor did he seem to mind if one of his jokes backfired right in his face.   [Please select]


Grannis and his buccaneers were behind the Automatic, but it was possible to direct and strengthen the backfire which the Era and other conservative newspapers had already begun.   [Please select]


Suppression, while very often justified and necessary in the flux of human relationship, always carries a social cost which must be liquidated, and also a backfire danger which must be insured against.   [Please select]

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