Sentence example with the word 'blemished'


adulterated, cicatrized, distorted, grotesque, inaccurate, malformed, off, rickety, split, ugly as sin, unperfected

Definition adj. marred by imperfections

Last update: August 7, 2015


"'Tis a face but blemished," said she, slowly, the color rising to her cheek.'   [Please select]


The blemished larvæ tell me of a paunch already or on the point of being invaded.   [Please select]


It weighed sorely, therefore, on his present mind that Madame d'Estrées was in Venice--that she was a person of blemished repute--that he must be and was ashamed of her.'   [Please select]


The scandals which blemished the conduct of public affairs during his administration could not be attributed to any lack of personal honesty on his part.   [Please select]

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bemoan - blemished - calamity