Sentence example with the word 'cachet'


aroma, cast, cut, feature, idiocrasy, keynote, marking, prestige, running title, specialty, taste, trick

Definition n. an indication of approved or superior status

Last update: August 13, 2015


"There are no lettres de cachet nowadays, Francois," he added tartly to his brother.   [Please select]


In order to enforce the registration of edicts the king would send lettres de cachet, known as lettres de jussion, which were not, however, always obeyed.   [Please select]


Mr Kebede appreciates that Addis Ababa, does not quite carry the same design cachet of Milan or Paris.   [noun]


Witness the cultural cachet attached to doing the weekly shop at a farmers ' market as opposed to the local supermarket.   [noun]


Raffles bestowed the cachet of his smile on my description of his motley plate.   [Please select]


Wentworth was in some sort the cachet of good society.   [Please select]


Though he is too modest to admit it, Lord Doak gives a cachet to our smart quartier such as it has not received since the ever-memorable visit of the Earl of Sittingbourne.   [Please select]


That sort of thing would have no cachet whatever, and would only depress me," thought his still sufficiently sinful Grace."   [Please select]

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