Sentence example with the word 'centenarian'


bicentenary, centennium, centref, cwt, gramps, hundred, old codger, old man, patriarch, sexagenarian

Definition adj. being at least 100 years old

Last update: July 31, 2017


My grandfather is a centenarian.   [noun]


Yet behind these unconvincing shadows of an imperial court with its financial difficulties, of the classical Walpurgisnacht, of the fantastic creation of the Homunculus, the noble Helena episode and the impressive mystery-scene of the close, where the centenarian Faust finally triumphs over the powers of evil, there lies a philosophy of life, a ripe wisdom born of experience, such as no European poet had given to the world since the Renaissance.   [Please select]


On another occasion, the centenarian was telling stories.   [verb]


His prayer was that he might live to be a centenarian.   [Please select]


Under the dense shade of the centenarian trees was a rough-hewn bench that they themselves had made years before; there Gorgo seated herself, but her companion remained standing.   [adverb]


The Emperor Augustus one day inquired of a centenarian how he had kept his vigor of mind and body so long; to which the veteran replied that it was by "oil without and honey within."   [adverb]

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