Sentence example with the word 'cliche'


abstraction, catch phrase, commonplace expression, familiar tune, glittering generality, lieu commun, old story, prose, squareness, tag, truism

Definition n. a trite or obvious remark

Last update: February 18, 2017


In essays we were told to avoid the use of cliches.   [noun]


I can only offer the cliche retort: I do n't know why I did it - I just did it.   [noun]


I kept seeing several very cliche 'd endings coming up, only for them to diverge away from the more obvious plot lines.   [noun]


They were molded in an old system, and could not change their cliche.   [Please select]


Here was the situation as old as the return of the Prodigal or the desertion of the trusting village maiden, or any other cliche in the melodrama of real life.   [Please select]


But surely you would not be so unoriginal, so cliche, as to say the same thing to me that you said to Mr.   [Please select]

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