Sentence example with the word 'cuboid'


Definition adj. shaped like a cube

Last update: September 27, 2015


The astragalus has a pulley-like surface above for articulation into the tibia, but its lower surface is flattened and unites to a much greater extent with the navicular than with the cuboid, which bone is of comparatively less importance than in the Artiodactyles.   [Please select]


The cuboid is small; the scaphoid is large, and flattened from above downwards.   [Please select]


The carpus, as a whole, is of an irregularly cuboid shape; its anterior surface, slightly convex from side to side, forms the skeleton of the region of the _knee_ (wrist).   [Please select]


We have already mentioned that the scaphoid and the cuboid are ankylosed; they form by their union an irregular bone, on which the astragalus and calcaneum are supported.   [Please select]

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