Sentence example with the word 'demagogic'


Definition adj. characteristic of or resembling a demagogue

Last update: August 21, 2015


The demagogic leader was never seen after he won the election.   [Please select]


Prefacing his action by a violent tirade against the royalist conspirators of Clichy, he sent to Paris General Augereau, well known for his brusque behaviour and demagogic Jacobinism.   [Please select]


Jean-Jacques himself could not be more bland, nor at heart more fiercely demagogic.   [Please select]


The railroad managements stood aghast at what they regarded as demagogic invasions of their rights, and the more conservative elements of the American public looked upon them as a violent attack upon property.   [Please select]


He had caught up very early some of Bryan's demagogic doctrines, which he had softened a good deal and made palatable to the Republicans of his State.   [Please select]

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