Sentence example with the word 'detractor'


Definition n. one who disparages or belittles the worth of something

Last update: October 2, 2015


The President of the party dismissed the detractors of the party.   [Please select]


The chief charge which his detractor brings against him is that of contaminatio, the combining in one play of scenes out of different Greek plays.   [Please select]


But the point is that this fall, when I harvest that ginseng bed, I will clear more money than my stiffest detractor ever saw at one time.   [Please select]


It is written that he was "the only very distinguished man of whom we read, who lived and died without an enemy or detractor."   [Please select]


Although a refuted detractor is not formidable in the flesh, the evil that he does lives after him.   [Please select]


But this theory jibed so ill with Monsieur's character that not even his worst detractor could accept it.   [Please select]

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