Sentence example with the word 'disarrangement'


deracination, discomfiture, disharmony, disjunction, disorganization, disturbance, heterotopia, irregularity, nonuniformity, randomness, shift, unsymmetry

Definition n. a condition in which an orderly system has been disrupted

Last update: July 16, 2015


The room was in a state of disarrangement.   [Please select]


In printing we get the disarrangement of type which is known as "pie."   [Please select]


He used his fists and fingernails to good purpose and pulled Addie's hair until it presented a ludicrous appearance of disarrangement.   [Please select]


Very well, then, nothing of my private impressions should drop from my lips here, to be quoted and misquoted and battledored and shuttlecocked, until it reached the boy himself (as it would inevitably) in fantastic disarrangement.   [Please select]


There was the thin-faced man at the club, and a curious satisfaction he had betrayed in the public disarrangement.   [Please select]


The principal thing to be feared was its getting out of order, since the slightest disarrangement would be sufficient to stop the progress of the man.   [Please select]


The skilful railway engineer, sitting in his cab, with his hand on the throttle, can discover, on the instant, the slightest disarrangement in the mass of intricate mechanism over which he holds control.   [Please select]

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