Sentence example with the word 'envisage'


admit, bring up, confront with, embody, face, foresee, imagine, materialize, predict, regard, take for granted

Definition v. form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case

Last update: October 14, 2016


The engineer envisaged the recovery process for system breakdown.   [verb]


Little, perhaps, need be made of these censures: the real fault of Fulk was his neglect to envisage the needs of the northern principalities, and to head a combined resistance to the rising power of Zengi of Mosul.   [verb]


For a moment Dion envisaged another woman in her.   [Please select]


"But there is no reason why one should not envisage them."   [Please select]


He could envisage war and hostility only as misunderstanding.   [Please select]


Or are they all in the secret, and interested only in the temperament expressed or the aspect of life envisaged in a given work.   [Please select]


When they are reconcilable, if they are important, we have serious comedy; when not important, or not envisaged as important, we have light comedy.   [Please select]

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