Sentence example with the word 'epaulette'


Definition n. adornment consisting of an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder

Last update: June 21, 2015


The general was present at the meeting in full ceremonial dress wearing his decorations and epaulettes.   [Please select]


Then they strolled away, his epaulette very near the gleaming curls at her temple.   [Please select]


There were many companies in the Continental buff and blue, epauletted officers, bayonets and cannon.   [Please select]


We saw the burnished cannon and the bright epaulette, the gleaming button and the glancing bayonet.   [Please select]


Captain Stuart," said the President, laying his hand affectionately on the younger man's epaulette, "takes care of my life and the safety of my home and family.   [Please select]


Suddenly a ball fired from her mizen-top, not more than fifteen yards from where Nelson was standing, struck the epaulette on his left shoulder, and he fell on his face on the deck.   [Please select]

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