Sentence example with the word 'extramundane'


Last update: August 16, 2015


The existence of an extramundane deity is proved by the purposive arrangement of the world, especially of organisms, which aims at the good--not merely of man, as the majority of the physico-theologists have believed, but--of all living creatures.   [Please select]


We are to conceive God as personal, extramundane, and omnipotent, as the creator, not of the reals themselves, but of their purposive coexistence (_Zusammen_).   [Please select]


God is present in all creatures, yet distinct from them; he is intramundane as well as extramundane; he is self-conscious personality, free creative spirit, is this from all eternity, and does not first become such through the world-development.   [Please select]

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extrados - extramundane - extramural