Sentence example with the word 'featherweight'


bantam, bruiser, dimwit, forceless, inefficacious, minikin, of no account, pug, small fry, underweight, wisp

Definition n. an amateur boxer who weighs no more than 126 pounds

Last update: June 17, 2015


It seemed a featherweight to me now.   [Please select]


Billee was no featherweight, though he was as active as need be, in spite of his bulk.   [Please select]


"What a featherweight you are."   [Please select]


At times, he turned his eyes sharply upon them to observe the effect of the slightest featherweight in his favour; and when the points against him were stated with terrible distinctness, looked towards his counsel, in mute appeal that he would, even then, urge something in his behalf.   [Please select]

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