Sentence example with the word 'ferny'


Definition adj. abounding in or covered with ferns

Last update: September 8, 2015


He has developed a ferny in part of his garden to grow ferns.   [Please select]


The Mokau and Wanganui run between ferny and forest-clad hills and precipices, often of almost incomparable beauty.   [Please select]


We did not fancy Coleraine; it looked like anything but Cuil-rathain, a ferny corner.   [Please select]


Dark and shaded and ferny and mossy was this streamway; and everywhere were tracks of game, from the giant spread of a grizzly bear to the tiny, birdlike imprints of a squirrel.   [Please select]


Nancy walked faster when she discovered this, with never a roving glance, and presently the green, ferny depths of the maple woods swallowed her up.   [Please select]

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