Sentence example with the word 'flibbertigibbet'


Definition n. a female fool

Last update: August 26, 2015


"I was forced to fly from a wicked Flibbertigibbet who seeks to torment me."   [Please select]


He has been proved to be a flibbertigibbet in his office due to his inefficiency.   [Please select]


Found by this Flibbertigibbet of a fellow, while I, Simon de Gex, erstwhile M.   [Please select]


He was captivated by her--more so than by Flossy, who amused him as a flibbertigibbet, but who seemed to him to lack the serious cast of character which he felt that he discerned beneath the sprightliness of this new charmer.   [Please select]


Then Czar, who had come with me to hide from the Flibbertigibbet in the house, left me.   [Please select]

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