Sentence example with the word 'formidable'


abstruse, complex, dreadful, freaky, hard-fought, intimidating, mighty, outstanding, schrecklich, striking, uncommon

Definition adj. extremely impressive in strength or excellence

Last update: February 11, 2017


He was formidable in a fight, for he was of powerful build and dauntless courage.   [adjective]


My financial situation at the moment seems formidable, but winning the lottery would make everything better.   [adjective]


Solving rider and theorems is a formidable task for me.   [adjective]


He again recounted the events of the attack on the island at Glenn's, the death of his associates and the escape of their most formidable enemies.   [adjective]


When the formidable Huron was completely pinioned, the scout released his hold, and Duncan laid his enemy on his back, utterly helpless.   [adjective]


Arms, gleaming knives, and formidable clubs, appeared above them, but the blows were evidently given at random.   [adjective]


He was quit of that formidable barrier now, but a faint flush of dawn and of reflection from the sea compelled him to be very crafty.   [adjective]


These were assembled under their chiefs, and made part of this formidable array.   [adjective]


And he held out the caption, pointing with the awful truncheon, which he held in his right hand, to the formidable line of figures jotted upon the back thereof.   [adjective]

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formic - formidable - formidably