Sentence example with the word 'gaucherie'


bad job, blunder, boggle, boner, botch, clumsy performance, etourderie, fluff, fumble, mess, mistake, off day, slip, trip

Definition n. the quality of being rustic or gauche

Last update: June 12, 2015


Sylvia, at first listless and uninterested, looked inquiringly from the major to Quarrier, surprised at the suppressed feeling exhibited over so trivial a gaucherie.   [Please select]


But calm, sweet and composed as the most fastidious would require, Rosalie greeted the visitors without a shadow of confusion or a sign of gaucherie.   [Please select]


A statesman who should show that gaucherie would exhibit a defect of imagination, and expose an incapacity for dealing with men which would be a great hindrance to him in his calling.   [Please select]


By this time, however, a girl whose personal charms were few, whose poverty was apparent and whose gaucherie was even now often extreme, was more than filling the place left vacant by Maggie.   [Please select]


For a few moments he became aware of a blind rage possessing him and he cursed deeply his stupidity and the gaucherie of his manner.   [Please select]

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