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apse, avalanche, cove, flurry, longhouse, slush, snow fence, snow-crystal, snowfall, snowshed, tupik, wigwam

Definition n. an Eskimo hut

Last update: June 28, 2016


Eskimos live in igloos.   [Please select]


Pop. (1890) 27,839; (Igloo) 27,628, of whom 8485 were foreignborn, including 2413 English-Canadians, 1743 Germans, 1822 Poles - the city has a Polish weekly newspaper - and 1075 FrenchCanadians; (1906, estimate) 40,587.   [Please select]


"What do you say," she asked Allan, "to a spin over to Mary's Igloo."   [Please select]


Then the dogs would be roused by the entrance of the Eskimo hunters, who stopped in the dusk of the evening on the way back to their settlement at Mary's Igloo, to barter for their day's bag.   [Please select]


But Wolf was only an ignorant puppy, taken from a native igloo, where all of the dogs and all of the family lived in happy harmony; and so, one day when he was particularly joyous, he nipped, in a spirit of mischief, the end of Tom's wagging stump of a tail.   [Please select]

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