Sentence example with the word 'immediateness'


Definition n. the quickness of action or occurrence

Last update: August 10, 2015


Newman, whose mind Martineau said was " critical, not prophetic, since without immediateness of religious vision," and whose faith is " an escape from an alternative scepticism, which receives the veto not of his reason but of his will," 6 as men for whose teachings and methods he had a potent and stimulating antipathy.   [Please select]


Also to be reckoned with, was the immediateness of his attack.   [Please select]


194) maintains still more strictly than Hutcheson the immediateness both of the affections and the moral estimation of them.   [Please select]


Is it not feasible to do away with the (unscientific) immediateness of the one, and the (non-intuitive, content-lacking) abstractness of the other, to combine the concrete with the mediate or conceptual, and in this way to realize the Kantian ideal of an intuitive understanding.   [Please select]

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