Sentence example with the word 'impenitent'


Definition adj. not penitent or remorseful

Last update: October 27, 2015


As Tresham died impenitent, his corpse was beheaded, and the head is to be set up at Northampton.   [adjective]


The handing over of impenitent persons, and those who had relapsed, to the secular power, and their punishment, did not usually take place on the occasion of an auto-da-fe, properly so called.   [adjective]


I returned to America in order to see whether or not you were still impenitent.   [Please select]


She didn’t know what impenitent wretches had been breathing within these walls in the time of that godless and wicked man who had planted every seed of perdition in “our Rita’s” ill-disposed heart.   [Please select]


Some others who had taken as great a part as he in hounding guiltless people to death remained impenitent and unpunished.   [Please select]

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