Sentence example with the word 'indiscernible'


alike, corpuscular, hidden, indistinctive, invisible, secret, tenuous, unbeholdable, uniform, unrealized, without distinction

Definition adj. difficult or impossible to perceive or discern

Last update: October 20, 2015


An indiscernible conflict was between them.   [Please select]


The feeble pulses flickered and grew indiscernible; a gray pallor hovered over the Girl, and a cold sweat stood on her temples.   [Please select]


Much caution was displayed in guiding the dhow through these, for the channel was narrow, and darkness rendered its position almost indiscernible.   [Please select]


They were traversing a thick, and, as it seemed, an endless wood of pines, and consequently the path was altogether indiscernible in the murky darkness which surrounded them.   [Please select]


His way lay across a range of hills, the road over which was so blocked up with snow as to leave all trace of it indiscernible.   [Please select]

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