Sentence example with the word 'indurate'


anneal, calcified, case harden, cornify, dry, granulated, incrusted, lapidify, petrified, sclerotic, steel, temper, vitrify

Definition adj. emotionally hardened

Last update: October 11, 2015


Both indurated by early domestic training and an inherited tenacity of heterodox resistance professed their disbelief in many orthodox religious, national, social and ethical doctrines.   [verb]


His person, though muscular, was rather attenuated than full; but every nerve and muscle appeared strung and indurated by unremitted exposure and toil.   [verb]


They take on inflammation, and sometimes become large and indurated.   [Please select]


Hardened swellings, or indurated tumors in the teats, are very common in the bitch.   [Please select]


The old line of coast, a mass of compact, indurated lava, whitened, cracked and fell.   [Please select]


Work was his element, and nothing, it would seem, could tire or overcome those indurated muscles and vice-like nerves.   [Please select]

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