Sentence example with the word 'isometric'


aerographic, baric, barometric, cyclonic, equiangular, equilateral, equisided, equispaced, isobaric, macroclimatic, microclimatic

Definition adj. related by an isometry

Last update: October 29, 2015


In isometric physical exercise muscles are made to work.   [Please select]


The difference 90-E is represented by the area 9"DdO to the left of the isometric Dd under the isothermal B"D.   [Please select]


37, an isometric projection illustrating roof construction, is taken from a Zuñi example, the building of which was observed by the writer.   [Please select]


--A figure may be drawn so as to show an isometric or a perspective view.   [Please select]


Thus, a cube can be drawn so as to make an isometric figure, as in Fig.   [Please select]


--Mouth-key (Isometric drawing) The metallic tongue E swings over the mercury H, making or breaking the circuit A H E D B or C E H A.   [Please select]


Isometric means a method of drawing any object in such a manner that the height, length and breadth may be shown in the proportion they really bear to each other.   [Please select]

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