Sentence example with the word 'jargon'


Beach-la-mar, blabber, code, drool, gammon, humbug, mumbo jumbo, pidgin, scramble, trade language, waffling

Definition n. a characteristic language of a particular group

Last update: August 2, 2015


They used lot of literal jargons in their speech.   [noun]


I was also nervous of the rather stuffy terminology and arty jargon, which I had seen, used sometimes in art criticism.   [noun]


After a short section to demystify the jargon, there are anecdotal accounts of how individual lawyers have benefited from using the Internet.   [noun]


Amid the jargon of Indian dialects that he now plainly heard, it was easy to distinguish not only words, but sentences, in the patois of the Canadas.   [noun]


In less than half a century your 'Grand Cyrus' will be insufferable jargon.'   [noun]


It is entertaining to find commentators seeking to discover some meaning in the professional jargon of such a passage as this.   [noun]


From the jargon, therefore, of the Highland gillies I pass to the character of their Chief.   [noun]

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