Sentence example with the word 'lambrequin'


Definition n. a scarf that covers a knight's helmet

Last update: June 18, 2015


In heraldry "mantling," also known as "panache," "lambrequin" or "contoise," is an ornamental appendage to an escutcheon, of flowing drapery, forming a background (see Heraldry).   [Please select]


His lambrequin mustache--relic of a forgotten Anglomania--had been profoundly black, but now, like his smooth hair, it was approaching an equally sheer whiteness; and though his clothes were old, they had shapeliness and a flavor of mode.   [Please select]


A hundred vivid scenes of her childhood came back, and familiar objects oddly intruded themselves; the red and green lambrequin on the parlour mantel--a present many years ago from Cousin Eleanor; the what-not, with its funny curly legs, and the bare spot near the lock on the door of the cake closet in the dining room.   [Please select]

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