Sentence example with the word 'lechery'


animality, concupiscence, erotomania, gynecomania, lasciviousness, licentiousness, lust, philander, randiness, satyrism, unchastity

Definition n. unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity

Last update: September 12, 2015


My husband’s lechery with other women led to the end of our marriage.   [Please select]


Because of the priest’s lechery with young boys, he was arrested and ex-communicated from the church.   [Please select]


And there is something rises up in me When brutes run wild in crime and lechery That soft adjustments will not satisfy.   [Please select]


He said these men and women, boys and girls, were haggard, old, squalid, dirty; they showed traces--so it seemed to his jaundiced eyes--of drink, hopelessness, lechery, and vileness.   [Please select]


Not even Teutonic lechery, in the guise of Reinhartian art, dressed in nothing but silence, and making faces at the British censor on the boards of the music-halls, avails anything.   [Please select]

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