Sentence example with the word 'lummox'


boor, clod, dub, foul-up, gawky, goofer, klutz, lout, lump, oaf, slob, yokel

Definition n. an awkward stupid person

Last update: February 4, 2017


Both William and Joe Bullitt began to wonder why on earth Johnnie Watson didn't have any more sense than to invite such a big, fat lummox of a cousin to the party.   [Please select]


All this glitter was not far short of overpowering; and yet, though accepting it as fact, the woeful three shared the inconsistent belief that in spite of everything George was nothing but a big, fat lummox.   [Please select]


And though the execrable lummox immediately propelled Miss Pratt forward--by her elbow--to hear the descriptive remarks of the Swedish lady named Anna, William's soul remained uplifted and entranced.   [Please select]


William pressed forward valiantly, and placed himself as close as possible upon the right of Miss Pratt, the lummox being upon her left.   [Please select]


William's final mood was one of beautiful resignation with a kick in it; that is, he nobly gave her up to George and added irresistibly that George was a big, fat lummox.   [Please select]

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