Sentence example with the word 'lupine'


all-devouring, bloodsucking, doggy, foxlike, grabby, parasitic, predatory, raptorial, ravenous, vulpine, vulturous

Definition adj. of or relating to or characteristic of wolves

Last update: July 17, 2015


Indian paintbrush, lupine, fireweed, columbine, all dancing in radiance with occasional hummingbirds cavorting from feast to feast, their red throats sparkling in the sun.   [Please select]


The caterpillar feeds upon blue lupine and apparently the butterfly is likely to be found in most places where this plant grows.   [Please select]


At the Cape, and northward into Central Africa, three large species of hyena, and one small one (the Aard wolf), represent the lupine family.   [Please select]

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