Sentence example with the word 'magniloquent'


Definition adj. lofty in style

Last update: June 13, 2015


Empiricist minds, putting the parts before the whole, appear to rationalists, who start from the whole, and consequently enjoy magniloquent privileges, to use epithets offensively diminutive.   [Please select]


"It must be a satisfaction to you to have conferred such a blessing on mankind," said Harry, inclined to laugh at the doctor's magniloquent style.   [Please select]


During the negotiations in London, interrupted in January, and resumed in the spring of 1913 after the fall of Adrianople, it was soon made clear that in spite of all these magniloquent declarations nothing would be as it had been before.   [Please select]


Price, who was alternately appalled and fascinated by the magniloquent language of his would-be son-in-law, they were married.   [Please select]

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