Sentence example with the word 'manana'


after a time, afteryears, by-and-by, eventuality, future, hopefully, in aftertime, outlook, probably, soon, time just ahead

Definition n. an indefinite time in the future

Last update: August 17, 2015


All the rich say all time to the poor 'manana,' and manana never come.   [Please select]


Good morning, y'u hard-working industrious MANANA sheep raisers," replied Ellen, coolly."'   [Please select]


Still, the hound that can wait will catch a hare at last, and even Manana'nn sleeps.'   [Please select]


A half-hour later, wholly outstripping the manana idea, I had signed a receipt for the Jap in question and transferred him from Panama to Ancon jail.   [Please select]


Well, I've had more out of it all, I guess, than if I'd trebled the millions and wiped Manana off the Mexican coat of arms.   [Please select]

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