Sentence example with the word 'milady'


dame, daughter of distaff, domina, donna, dowager, femme, frow, gentlewoman, girl, lady, lass, matron, milord, squaw, vrouw, wahine, weaker vessel, woman

Definition n. an English noblewoman

Last update: October 23, 2015


Upon the hard, cold ground they crouch--the wrecks of Pomp and Pride; Milady and the city waifs are huddled side by side.   [Please select]


"In my opinion," said Delafield, "one more device of milady's for getting precisely what she wants."   [Please select]


It must be admitted that Milady was one of those people who do not mind being overheard, no matter what they say.   [Please select]


"F'rinstance, when you first came, I always thought of you as 'Milady'--when I wrote that poem, you know."'   [Please select]

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