Sentence example with the word 'mores'


acculturation, complex, culture complex, diplomatic code, folkways, moral climate, practice, rules of conduct, standard behavior, trait

Definition n. (sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group

Last update: March 3, 2016


According to the mores they had to do the worship of God at this moment.   [Please select]


[Illustration: CAPTURE OF THE EARL OF ORMOND BY THE O'MORES.'   [Please select]


Larga mî natura manu dedit omnia, nostrum Quæcunque exornant nobilitantque genus: Robur erat validum, formæ concinna venustas, Ingenui mores, intemerata fides.   [Please select]


Ormond, the Lieutenant-General of the kingdom, had recently been taken captive by the O'Mores in Leinster, by whom he was held for an enormous ransom.'   [Please select]


The final cure is gaining acceptance for a new standard of morality; the first step towards this is to break down the mores-inhibitions to free experimental thinking.   [Please select]

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