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bright diffuse nebula, coalsack, counterglow, dark cloud, dark nebula, diffuse nebula, dust cloud, gaseous nebula, nebula of nebular hypothesis, nebulosity, nebulous stars, planetary nebula, ring nebula, the zodiacal light

Definition n. a medicinal liquid preparation intended for use in an atomizer

Last update: September 6, 2015


The nebula was visible to the naked eye.   [Please select]


Earlier still the sun must have reached to where Neptune now revolves on the confines of our system, but the mass of the sun could not undergo an expansion so prodigious without being made vastly more rarefied than at present, and hence we are led by this mode of reasoning to the conception of the primaeval nebula from which our system has originated.   [Please select]


A nebula is sometimes liable to be mistaken for a comet.   [Please select]


Were the ring nebula in Lyra composed of this material, we could not see it.   [Please select]


If, therefore, it be not the sun which lights up this nebula, where else can be the source of its illumination.   [Please select]


Unfortunately, the nebula in Andromeda has not been placed in the best position for its portrait from our point of view.   [Please select]


That seems to be nearly the way in which we are forced to view the nebula in Andromeda.   [Please select]

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