Sentence example with the word 'peonage'


abjectness, bond service, debt slavery, domination, enthrallment, helotry, ministration, serfhood, servitude, subjugation, tendance, vassalage

Definition n. the condition of a peon

Last update: July 3, 2015


Peonage, however, is still prevalent on many of the larger estates, and serious cruelties are sometimes reported.   [Please select]


An ingenious peonage, however, was created by means of the criminal law.   [Please select]


Is peonage always disastrous not only to its victims but also to the government imposing it.   [Please select]


In the past the signing of one of these legal instruments has often reduced the farmer to a state of peonage.   [Please select]


Originally the natives had been forced to work under conditions approximating actual servitude, but gradually the harsher features of this system had given way to a mode of service closely resembling peonage.   [Please select]

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