Sentence example with the word 'persecute'


abuse, blight, curse, disturb, fash, hound, martyr, pester, punish, tease, wound

Definition v. cause to suffer

Last update: April 25, 2016


Only he claims that no man shall be persecuted for his religion.   [Please select]


He has been persecuted because of his race.   [verb]


The genius of the persecuted became stubborn, obstinate, and ferocious.   [verb]


The new king wanted to drive away the bearers of the gospel to the natives, and killed or persecuted them.   [Please select]


Nero had been the first to persecute Christians in the 60s.   [verb]


On the other hand, Bonner did not go out of his way to persecute; many of his victims were forced upon him by the council, which sometimes thought that he had not been severe enough (see Acts of the P.C. 1 5541 55 6, pp. 115, 1 39; 1556-1558, pp. 18, 19, 216, 276).   [verb]


She bore about two points east of north from the greatly persecuted Charron, and was holding on steadily under easy sail, neither gaining much upon the chase nor losing.   [verb]


"The King lacks only that culminating distinction of having persecuted the greatest poet of the age in order to stand equal to the bigots who murdered Giordano Bruno," said Denzil.   [verb]


"Have the persecuted folk drawn to any head among themselves."   [verb]


"But we," answered the divine, "live under a better dispensation, which instructeth us to return good for evil, and to pray for those who despitefully use us and persecute us."   [verb]


They belong, we are assured by the epitaph, to the class of persecuted Presbyterians who afforded a melancholy subject for history in the times of Charles II.   [verb]

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