Sentence example with the word 'petunia'


Definition n. any of numerous tropical herbs having fluted funnel-shaped flowers

Last update: September 4, 2015


Lots of petunias are growing in the garden.   [Please select]


Mexicana, is the creosote plant of the Colorado desert, where it forms dense scrub; Acaena; the Loasaceae, of which Menizelia reaches North America, Petunia and Lippia.   [Please select]


Her pure kind touch redeemed the most forlorn, And even the vile petunia smiled, new-born.   [Please select]


The common experience of floriculturists proves that the crossing and recrossing of distinct but allied plants, such as the species of Petunia, Calceolaria, Fuchsia, Verbena, etc.   [Please select]

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