Sentence example with the word 'plantation'


anchorage, collective farm, demesne farm, farm, fixation, growth, inhabiting, location, pen, rancheria, steading

Definition n. an estate where cash crops are grown on a large scale

Last update: April 24, 2016


Now a days Teak plantations are in passion.   [verb]


At the plantation, many electric poles were generated   [Please select]


Her dad works on the plantation, cutting down heavy banana bunches.   [verb]


A coniferous plantation on a long ridge from which there are great views to the north toward the rolling Cheviot Hills.   [adverb]


They then went on again, and entered a small plantation of oak-trees, of about forty years' growth--very thick and very dark, with close underwood below.   [adverb]


'It must be at old Vick's plantation,' at Walnut Hills, said he: 'well, that is a change.'   [verb]


Watermelon shows man, lock shows prisoner; and it ain't likely there's two prisoners on such a little plantation, and where the people's all so kind and good.   [adverb]


He had been educated on a plantation where the finest company was a Spanish officer or a French merchant from Orleans.   [adverb]


It tells all about him, to a dotpaints him like a picture, and tells the plantation he's frum, below Newrleans.   [noun]


Jacques' plantation, forty mile below New Orleans, last winter, and likely went north, and whoever would catch him and send him back he could have the reward and expenses.   [noun]

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