Sentence example with the word 'plasm'


Definition n. the protoplasm of the germ cells that contains chromosomes and genes

Last update: September 11, 2015


At the an ~ ~ tenor end are attached - two cilia or flagella In, , C the Vascular Cryptogams -- ~ the structure is much the;il ~.: -; same, but a more or less ~ ~ ~ spherical mass of cyto 4 i~- - ~ plasm remains attached .8 ~ :~ to the posterior spirals, -.   [Please select]


#Pro' to plasm#, the living material composing the cell; the physical basis of life.'   [Please select]


The germ-plasm has foreordained some individuals to psychic disorders; but training and mode of life can modify many of these defects.   [Please select]


#Cy' to plasm#, the portion of the protoplasm of a cell which is outside of the nucleus, less dense than the nucleus and usually taking a lighter stain.'   [Please select]

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