Sentence example with the word 'plod'


amble, dig, grind, jog trot, mince, plug, schlep, slither, stomp, toil, wade through

Definition n. the act of walking with a slow heavy gait

Last update: December 9, 2016


Her slow steady plod is provided by the diurnal movement of the night sky.   [verb]


Farmers have to plod in fields while passing through it.   [verb]


It cut short that dull plod with a slogan ­ ' Propaganda by deed '.   [noun]


Meanwhile the intrepid group of painters in oil plod along unflinchingly, having formed themselves into an association (the hakuba-kai) which gives periodical exhibitions, and there are, in Tokyo and KiOto, wellorganized and flourishing art schools which receive a substantial measure of state aid, as well as a private academy founded by Okakura with a band of seceders from the hybrid fashions of the GahO system.   [noun]

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