Sentence example with the word 'polyphonic'


Definition adj. having two or more phonetic values

Last update: December 5, 2016


I like polyphonic songs.   [noun]


Bach's conception of the function of an instrument is that it holds a regular part in a polyphonic scheme; and his blending of tones is like the blending of colours in a purely decorative design.   [Please select]


But, there are some other facts: the European civilization invented the polyphonic music (the most advanced music).   [Please select]


The European polyphonic music is one of the results of the "marriage" between image and symbolic models in music.   [Please select]


Music continued to be polyphonic, but became simpler, with a single melodic line (L.)   [Please select]


We are talking here about Christianity, open sea navigation, the heliocentric model of the Universe, polyphonic music, Newton's Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity theory.   [Please select]


1550, he having been born about 1524 and having died about 1594, which year closed the life of Orlandus Lassus, who was born in 1520--before that time music was polyphonic.   [Please select]

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