Sentence example with the word 'runnel'


adolescent stream, branch, creek, flume, gullyhole, midstream, river, sike, stream bed, wadi, waterway

Definition n. a small stream

Last update: October 21, 2015


There is a big runnel which passes through the city in Saharanpur.   [Please select]


If the irrigator neglected to repair his dyke, or left his runnel open and caused a flood, he had to make good the damage done to his neighbours' crops, or be sold with his family to pay the cost.   [Please select]


Just before him a runnel of water is gliding, and he bends his head to drink.   [Please select]


But I know of a runnel, cold and clear, that is hard by.   [Please select]


So Gunther and Hagen stripped them to their shirts, but Siegfried carried sword and spear, all his hunting-gear, and yet was far before the two at the runnel.   [Please select]


The wail of the women sold as slaves Lest Troy breed sons again Dreed o'er a desert of nameless graves, The heaps and the hills that are Trojan graves Deep-runneled by the rain.'   [Please select]

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