Sentence example with the word 'slapdash'


a corps perdu, carelessly, feverish, headfirst, hurriedly, like crazy, overenthusiastically, prompt, speedily, unthinkingly

Definition adv. in a careless or reckless manner

Last update: June 21, 2016


For to him it was intolerable to think in a hurry, to jump to slapdash decisions, to act on instincts that could not be explained.   [Please select]


In such slapdash, inefficient fashion this young man conducted all his personal life.   [Please select]


It was clearly put together in a slapdash way, with even the typographical errors in the original academic articles retained.   [Please select]


His nature is to do a slapdash job.   [Please select]


Everyday if he woke up in the school,he accidently destroy the flower pot..He is slapdash..   [Please select]


Football could fairly lay claim to being unique among multimillion-pound industries in its slapdash approach to media management.   [Please select]


I started though, just as she said, and got on all right, till about halfway, then cramp or something made me shut up and howl, and she came after me slapdash, and pulled me ashore.   [Please select]


We have not overcome this habit of slapdash comparative criticism, for only the other day a distinguished American inventor left Berlin with these words as his final message: "We have nothing to learn from Germany."   [Please select]

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