Sentence example with the word 'snitch'


abstract, betray, borrow, extort, make off with, pecker, rustle, snatch, steal, tattle, turn informer

Definition n. someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

Last update: October 14, 2015


But you didn't snitch him out.   [Please select]


She knew all right, and she found it easy to "snitch" a chew for Frank.   [Please select]


Better find a hole to dump yourselves in, before you get one on the snitch.   [Please select]


"After the Lieutenant left for Penalty Island, then," Ned went on, "Keene discovered what was going on and feared that Tag and his fellows, if arrested, would snitch, as the boys have it."   [Please select]


He hadn't a notion people would be so low-down as to snitch his idea and go to making cotton gins of their own.   [Please select]

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